Management System

Each product on a free plan:

  • Have your employees keep track of their time through the app or website
  • Send tasks to employees and see when those tasks are completed
  • Keep track of employee payroll
  • Export all Employee hours
  • Categorize Labor hours to see what your biggest expenses are

Manage Timesheets

  • Payroll Calculations
  • Categorize employee hours
  • Fast and Easy to use
  • Export all payroll for any employees
  • Adjust employee times directly from app or website

Timesheets Listing Screen

Add Timesheets

Employees Summary

Manage Users

  • Add any user or manager within minutes
  • Manager have access to make changes
  • Sends an invitation to their email
  • Can sign up in minutes

User Listing

Add Users

Edit Users

Manage Tasks

  • Keep your team busy by adding a “To Do List”
  • Assign tasks to individuals, or entire team
  • Once a task is listed, it notifies the employee
  • Plan days or weeks in advance
  • Spend less time giving in person instructions

Task Listing

Add Tasks

Edit Tasks

Manage Category

  • Categorize employee hours throughout the year
  • Be able to bill accurately when offering farming services to other farms or operations
  • Break down expenses of labor at any point of time

Category Listing

Add Category

Category Wise User Detail

Manage Equipments

  • Keep Track of all equipment Maintenance Records
  • App and website tracks who performs maintenance
  • App and website track when maintenance or repairs were performed
  • Have all your equipment data at your finger tips- at all times
  • Keep Track of fuel usage

Equipments listing

Add Equipments

View Equipments

Edit Equipments

Add Maintenance

View Maintenance

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